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Date: 16th June 2016
1325 Economical Woodworking CNC Router
1325 Economical Woodworking CNC router? Application Furniture Decoration Industry: A large area flat plate engraving ,Website:http://www.chinalasercnc.com, wood panel furniture carving, wood art murals, wood cabinet doors carving. Wood Products Processing: Sewing machine table, electrical counter table, sports equipment. Artwork: Photo frame, jewelry box. Musical Instrument Industry: Instrument three-dimensional surface engraving, shape cutting. Machine Overview 1325?is economical CNC router for woodworking, fulfilling the need for the production with most wooden materials. Device like vacuum system and dust collector etc are optional choice for different requirement as convenience to work fast and efficiently. Technical Parameter ? ? ?Model1325-I1325-II1325-IIIOptional partWork area(X,Y,X,cm)1300*2500*150 ? ? ?1300*2500*200CustomizationMachine structureSteel structure lathe bed, T-slot sectional materialsVacuum Suction System? Work holding?By clamps?Vacuum table?Control systemNcStudio systemDSP hand-heldPrecision (mm)?0.07?Positioning accuracy(mm)0.02?Repeatability?(mm)?0.02?Idling speed(mm/min)?15,000?Work?speed(mm/min)?10,000?Spindle??Water?cooling(0-24000rpm)Water cooling(0-24000rpm)Specified power ? ? ?air cooling,Multi-headAvailable tools(mm)3.175- 12ATCDrive system?Stepper motorsServo motorsWorking voltage?AC220±30V 50HZ?Command code?G code(*nc*mmg,*u00,etc),*.eng?Compatible software?Compatible with any software?generating G code file in ? ? ?Windows98/XP/7Other Optional parts?Dust collection?, Tool cooling system with sink, Rotary axis?Product Features Whole lathe bed is in steel structure of high stability.Racks and gears transmission with high-speed motor keeps smooth movement in fast and accuracy.Breakpoint restoring function enable the machine continue to work after sudden stop, such as accidents, tool breaking.Wide software compatibility with processing files generated by Type3,ArtCAM, Artcut, AutoCAD, JDPaint etc,ACD/CAM design software.Auto lubrication system lubricating tracks automatically, ensure machine s precision and service time. Spare Parts: Water Cooling Spindle: ?????DSP SystemDSP ? ? ? ? ? ?????? Stepper MotorSquare Guide Rail ?? ? Control Box?? ? ? ? ? ??Tool Box ?????????
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