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Date: 15th June 2016
1325 Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting Machine Lathe(1325 1525 1630) Features1)Modern smart design. Put on table and work easily. 2)Stronger frame together with HIWIN square rail,Website:http://www.chinalasercnc.com, high accuracy.3)Transparent acrylic watching door, easy checking work process.4)Independent laser tube cabinet, protect tube and easy change 5)Stainless steel comb working table, avoid rust.6)Red cross point offers the highest accuracy position.7)Professional motion control card offers continue fast curve cutting together with shortest path selection. Shorten work time.8)Humanism closed designed system for top and bottom exhaust, ensures the safety of the processing, worriless whole-process.Applicable Industry1.Decoration and upholster industry: non-metal materials such as double color board. 2.Artcrafts Industry: wood,?bamboo, elephant's tusk,?bone, leather, marble,sea shell, etc. 3.Advertisement Industry: double color board,?acrylic engraving and cutting,?label engraving,crystal, etc. 4.Model Industry: sand table constructtion model,?plane model, etc. 5.Packing Industry:?rubber engraving,?plastic,?doubling plate,?die board cutting MDF structure,?etc. 6.Garment & leather Industry:?compound leather,man-made leather,fabric,fur ,toy, etc. 7.Other industry : marble,granite,glass,crystal engraving,paper/greeting card cutting , vinyl, engines gaskets, etc.Technical parameters Model132515251630Work area1300*2500mm1500*2500mm1600*3000mmWork tableKnife/ Honeycomb tableLaser tube power80W (60W/ 100W/130W/150W optional)Laser tube typeSealed CO2 laser tube ? ? ?Reci laser tubeService time of laser tube1500 hours for ordinary tube; ? ? ?10000hours for Reci laser tubeEngraving speed0-60000mm/minCutting speed0-30000mm/minCutting thickness1-25mm acrylic (others determined by the material )Resolution ratio<0.01mmLocation precision<0.01mmMin shaping characterChinese 2*2mm,English1*1mmSupport graphic formatDST, PLT, BMP. DXP and AISoftware supportedCorelDraw, AutoCAD, PhotoshopPower supplyAC110-220V 50-60HZOperating temperature0? 40 centigrade degreesOperating humidity5%-95% Free of condensed waterInterfaceUSBAssistant equipmentExhaust-fans, water pump, air pumpDriving systemstepperControl systemDSPConsuming power<1,000WSome optional Spare Parts1.Motorized up and down platform2. Red dot Pointer3. Chiller CW 3000/5000/520004. Reci laser tubeSample? ?
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