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Date: 15th June 2016
500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1325
500W Fiber laser cutting machine ( SK-F 1530) 1.Preface According to the product characteristics of your Company (hereinafter referred to as Party A),Website:http://www.chinalasercnc.com, combined with the product characteristics of Jinan Xintian Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Party B) , We developed the following solution?(hereinafter referred to as the solution) for the Party A "Laser welding machine" project. 2.About laser cutting machine ?SK-F1530 500 type optical fiber laser cutting machine is adopted the most advanced fiber laser which output laser beam of high energy density, and gathered in the workpiece surface, ?to ?make the workpieces is melted and gasified with short moment on the area of ?super fine focus light irradiation , with moving ?the light to shine through numerical control mechanical system to cut automatically. fiber laser cutting machine adopts the gantry structure with a stable structure, good rigidity, the characteristics of high speed. laser cutting machine lathe bed is weld assembly with many times ?effective treatment , transmission parts such as transmission, guides and pinion and rack adopt imported well-known brand, whose goal overall structure and gear rack transmission way ensure the equipment of the high-speed positioning, fast dynamic response and good stability. It represents the developing direction of the laser cutting machine. ?Technical specificationsoptical parameterUnit500Woperational modeCW,QCWwavelength of the center radiationnm1070-1080standard power outputW500optical qualityMm*mrad4SPD speedkHz5Optical fiber diameter???50output power stability (long-term)%?2power supplyVAC400-460Power consumption (including supporting annex)kW2Main Characteristics:Superb quality of laser beam,constant BPP?within all the ranges of laser powers,so that long focus can still get pretty small laser spot.Special wavelength(1070nm), having special capability of cutting highly-reflective materials,such as aluminium, cooper and brass,etc.electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser supply>25%, much more efficient than CO2(?10%), so that consumption of electricity has been depleted very much.Laser is transmitted by fiber cables, almost no consumption during transmission.Modular design, "using immediately after plugging in", mini size,easy to be installed, no maintenance of laser supply and transmission system of laser beam.Life span of pumping source ?100,000 hoursComparison between different laser suppliersItem fiber laser supply CO2 laser supply electro-optical conversion efficiency25%10%Power consumption2.5 KW?10KWBPP?2.56Life span of semiconductor pump?100,000NACutting speed3X1XNeed of special gasNONeed laser pump gasmaintenanceNOYesFlexible processingYesNoEnvironmental adjustingShockproof, oilproof,dustproofNeed to avoid shock,need to be sealedStabilityBestGoodAbsorptivity?steel35%12%Absorptivity?aluminium7%2%Spare partsHighly-bright broadband single core semiconductor laser supply, much more than 100,000 hours of pump time. Every pump source is independent,so if one of them is broken, laser supply can also work normally, but the laser power will be a little reduced.The gas is needed,when laser supply is working. And the reflective lens must be changed.Laser cutting headUsing CypLite?fiber laser cutting head,which has Z axis follow-up function. Highly sensitive and follow-up cutting head applies?capacitance sensor monitoring, offering automatic adjusting function with stable and fast cutting.All kinds of matching design of nozzle are applied to lens with many focuses and can also be equipped with optical lens with different focuses. The focus and nozzle can be adjustable flexibly, including adjusting lens on X-Y direction and nozzles on the same axis.Lathe bed?SK - QF500 series cutting machine lathe bed part completely independent research and development, by the party tube welding lathe bed base, through the large gantry milling machine. For large machine tool lathe bed we have many years of experience in processing, each lathe bed will be placed 30 days to 45 days after rough machining natural failure, the internal stress release completely again after finishing, ensure the machining accuracy. ??Each factory lathe bed and guide rail at a distance of 2.5 meters, the parallel degree is less than 0.02 mm.Have a solid bed, to ensure efficient, high precision cutting speed!Control box The control box of fiber laser cutting machine is configured separately to reduce interference and easy to maintain. To ensure the stability and avoid signal interference,we use the following measures based on electrical technology : 1. The main circuit and control circuit are connected by wires separately bypass. 2. The wire of main controller use shielded or twisted wire. 3. The connection of motor and driver use separate outlet to avoid parallel with other wires. 4. I/O interface chip?controller?sensor and the connector are as close as possible. 5. The connect wire between upper and lower equipment use the Aerial plug connector and Weidmuller terminal block.Safety Protection SystemThe laser radiation have some damage on the human body which make the protection of the whole system very importantLaser module protectionThe laser module have warning sign to introduce the laser out avoid harm from direct laser?The cover have ground connection to avoid hurt from leakage.The operator need to wear suitable laser protection glasses throughout the operation?Make sure the protection equipment have no wear and tear before operating?Do NOT look the laser out head at any time when the device is powered?External Transmission fiber Protect sectionThe workstation of external transmission fiber ,use imported high quality guide pulley and Limit device to fix and guide laser cable?The transmission fiber have protective cover made of special laser protection material to prevent the laser leak?The protective cover of transmission fiber have leak sensor,if the fiber fractured to cause the laser leak,the sensor will transmit the signal to control center immediately,then the control center will stop the laser equipment and alarm.500W Main Configuration Instructions:No. Name Quantity Origin and manufacturer name 1 ?Lasers(1)Fiber laser1 setRaycus(2)Laser Power2The optical path and the cutting head ?Special laser cutting head1 setCypLite3.Host Machine (1)Machine bed1 setXintian(2)Screw guide1 setTaiwan HIWIN(3)Servo motor and drive3 setJapan's Yaskawa4 Spindle, use the power of 3000 w motor X 850 w, 400 w Z axis ? ? ?Three-phase transformer adopts electric 5 kw power dry type transformer ?CNC systems(With control software)1 setCypcut5 Standard accessories ?Water cooling1 set1P500W Main Parameters:ModelSK-F 1530Laser typeFiber laserLaser working mediumFiberLaser wavelength1070 nmRated output power500 WBeam quality?0.373mradEffective cutting range????3000?1500(mm)Table axial positioning accuracy??0.03mm/mRepeat positioning accuracy table??0.02mm/mCutting speed?30m/minMaximum table load1600KGPower RatingsThree-phase AC 380V 50HzEquipment electric power9KWTotal power protection classIP54Cost cutting process parameters and consumption analysisProcessing capacity Description?Material ?Thickness ?Auxiliary gas ?Carbon Steel?6mm??OxygenStainless Steel?4mm?Oxygen?Aluminum?1mm?NitrogenPart of the process parameters?Industrial environmentCategory Circumstances described ????Total equipment weightAbout 2600KGElectricity usage meter20KVAAir usage meterCompressed air consumption1m?/h,?cutting gas consumption see cost analysis tableEnvironment requirement1.Electric power?30KVA ? ? ?2.Power supply requirement:Three-phase AC380V Frequency 50Hz ? ? ?2.1.Three-phase voltage stability ??5%,three-phase power supply unbalanced degree?2.5% ? ? ?2.2. Five wire power supply using three-phase power supply and grounding resistance?4?? ? ? ?3.Machine tools, laser, cold water machine and air compressor used switch devices such as specifications, wire section and the way of connection can be found in the machine power supply configuration diagram ? ? ?Note: (1) the power supply voltage is not allowed to have a kick and often suddenly loses power? ? ? ?(2) if cannot guarantee the grounding resistance? 4 ? grounding must be repeated. Method is purchase specifications?18 mm standard copper coated steel reinforced (copper plating thickness 0.25 mm) ground rod 3 pcs(1 M/root) and buried depth of about 2.5 M. ? ? ?4.Compressed air requirement? ? ? ?(1)Gas supply capacity?1mL/min ??????? ? ? ?(2)Air supply Pressure: 0.8?1.0Mpa ? ? ?(3)Dew point temperature no higher than 5? ? ? ?(4)oil content?0.01ppm ???solid particle?0.02?m ? ? ?5.Ground installation site requirements: ground level, clean, as required foundation plans on making foundations; such as contract drawings ? ? ?6.Machine installation site environmental requirements? ? ? ?(1)Temperature requirements: machine can be placed within the environment of -10 ? ~ 40 ?; lasers must be placed within 18 ? ~ 25 ? environment, such as reach, you must install a separate room and air conditioning; ? ? ?(2)Humidity requirements??70%(Only lasers) ? ? ?(3)Dust degree requirements??1mg/m?,Dust increased ventilation fan. ? ? ?7.Installation environment chillers, air compressors and refrigeration dryers requirements? ? ? ?(1)Cold and dry, the air compressor can be placed outdoors, the environment must be dry, low dust, rain and other water pipes and connections between single chiller and lasers can not exceed 10M? ? ? ?(2)Such as chillers, air compressors, and freeze-drying machine in the room, you must ensure that less dust and well ventilated, hot air must be exhausted to the outside chiller produces ? ? ?8.Cutting gas requirements: cut the purity of the gas as a reference to the following gas purity, the purity of the gas customers can choose according to the actual situation of cutting results: ? ? ?Nitrogen: 99.7% (P nitrogen or liquid nitrogen) Cape oxygen: 99.5% oxygen: 99.95% ? ? ?9.Cooling water requirements ? ? ?(1)One must use deionized or distilled water, such as bottled purified water can not be used to replace, but you can not use mineral water, or affect the life of the laser; ? ? ?(2) winter freezing areas, chiller shall be placed above 0 ? environment. ? ? ?10.Installation requirements for lasers ? ? ?(1)Laser installation and lifting, laser tilt angle is less than 5 ?; ? ? ?(2)the space around the laser requirements: at least 1.5 m laser surrounding space from the top of the roof to allow a space to 1 m; ? ? ?(3)the working environment temperature and humidity: Operating temperature 25 ? ? 2 ?, small temperature fluctuations; ambient humidity is less than 75%, not condensing dew. Recommendation: If the customer environment is relatively poor, the laser must be a separate room, install air conditioning; ? ? ?(4)ground floor requirements: Floor load: floor load is greater than 1500kg, the floor must be flat, and was leveling, roughness less than 6mm ? ? ?(5)can not have laser peripheral devices running excessive vibration, that lasers can not be installed on a vibrating surface; ? ? ?(6)Power Requirements: Power grid power supply requirements of customers 380 ? 10%, 50Hz, three-phase, neutral - ground; regulator output 380 ? 2%, 50Hz, three-phase, neutral - ground, 50KVALaser cutting equipment consumptionitemnamePower consumption(kw/h)Total power(kVA)FACTORThe total consumption ? ?ElectricityElectricity ? ? ?ConsumeLasers2.59KW70%9*70% =5.6KW?HWater chiller1Host machine and other accessories4.5others1(This data is for reference only, specific consumption of the situation is slightly different because each user.)
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